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Pamela D. Donovan

Please take the time to read about this very special woman and what she did for the U.S.

"Mom's Deuce"

As you can see from our parade schedule, we need to get busy fixing the army truck! These aren’t parts that we can just run up to the local auto parts store and buy. After much research and calling around we found that we could purchase a new turbo for $2300. OUCH!! A rebuilt one will run $1895! Now that we are past the shock, we want to ask all of you if you could please help keep Mom’s Deuce rolling. You’ve ridden in her, brought your kids to climb in and on her and watched her in parades. We don’t want to lose her now! Any contribution you might be able to give, large or small, would be so greatly appreciated.



Keep Mom’s

Deuce Rolling!!